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Welcome to the Marshall Clinic blog! We are very excited to have our new website up and running. We offer a unique approach to dental care….we are patient-centered which means we create Oral Health Plans that are uniquely tailored to you.

This starts with a pre-clinical interview in a comfortable, private setting where we get to listen to your concerns and goals, in addition to getting a complete picture of your medical and dental histories. We get to know you and your needs before we proceed to the clinic to start having a through look at your mouth. We know that this time is a very rare opportunity in health care.

In the clinic, we get you comfortably seated and then start our thorough examination of your soft tissues, teeth and gums, muscles, jaw joints and occlusion (how your teeth fit together). Then, we will recommend and create the appropriate records for your initial analysis (including low-radiation digital xrays, models of your teeth mounted on an articulator or jaw simulator, and/or digital photographs).

During this time, we are discovering together what your current oral health status is and what are the main risk factors for your teeth, their health, function and esthetics.

From here, we will gather all the information and sit down to think about you and start creating your unique Oral Health Plan. After careful consideration of your findings, we will prepare a Risk Assessment and outline some of the options. Finally, we will sit down with you again to review your goals, the findings and options for care (including what materials are best for you)……and together we create your optimal Oral Health Plan.

Its been our experience that patients who are proactive in their healthcare do better in the long term.

Come visit us at the Marshall Dental Clinic in Vancouver BC, book an appointment online or call our office at 604-733-9311.

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