Family Dentistry

Initiating oral healthcare at an early age is the key to ensuring a lifetime of dental well-being. The Marshall Clinic offers child-geared dental appointments to ensure a comfortable exam experience for every young person.

Preventative Dentistry for Your Family

It’s vital to help young people develop the skills to keep their teeth and gums clean. We recommend booking your child’s first appointment within six months of their first tooth coming in. The knee-knee exam for infants and toddlers allows parents to be involved and the child to have their “teeth counted” in a comfortable setting.

Through proper oral hygiene, diet and home care, we can help promote a cavity-free mouth. Remember, oral health habits instilled at an early age can continue for a lifetime.

Easing Anxiety and Worries

The Marshall Clinic is dedicated to providing a friendly experience for your family. Our Vancouver office is a safe space for your family— our dentists, hygienists and support staff make the exam process a welcoming experience. We’re always happy to meet beforehand in a relaxing place to discuss the procedure and answer questions. At the Marshall Clinic, your family’s comfort is our priority.