Oral Health

We specialise in helping people learn about their oral health and in developing comprehensive plans to keep your teeth forever in the best possible health, comfort, function and aesthetics.

A Healthy Mouth for a Lifetime

Following your Personal Oral Healthcare Plan will cultivate strong, durable teeth and gums. We promote a daily oral health routine that includes proper brushing and flossing, a balanced diet and use of fluoride. The Marshall Clinic can also recommend dietary supplements, toothpastes and cavity prevention systems based on your needs.

Regular Examinations

Regular dental exams ensure that any oral changes are swiftly noticed and diagnosed. Through exams, we can spot developments such as swelling, growths, teeth chipping and looseness. Together, after the exam, we can decide which records are most appropriate for you (x-rays, intraoral photographs, study models mounted on jaw simulators, or other special tests). Keeping track of new developments is a vital part of optimizing your Personal Oral Healthcare Plan.

Our Oral Health Partnership

We’re proud of our patient-doctor partnership, which many consider a welcome addition to Vancouver dentistry. After your exam, we’ll sit down with you to review our findings in detail and come to a better understanding of your dental goals. It’s been our experience that patients truly do know what’s best for them once they’re well-informed.