New Patients - Your First Appointment

Patient-centered care is the core of our Vancouver dental clinic. Before your first exam, you will meet with your new doctor for an in-depth conversation about any concerns and previous dental issues. Together, we will create a Personal Oral Healthcare Plan that’s perfectly tailored for you.

Your First Appointment

The Marshall Clinic wants you to feel at ease from the start. We’re very proud of our new patient experience. We believe what sets us apart from most other dental clinics is our taking the time to doing things right.

Our new patient experience begins with a casual conversation in our private consultation room about your current concerns and medical history. Just as you are taking the time to read about our process, we want to take our time to listen. Our goal is to co-discover (with your input!) on what we can do to help you be proud of your smile.

Our exam continues with the necessary x-rays and an in-depth exam of your:

  • Muscles and jaw joints
  • Soft tissue and oral cancer screening
  • Gum and bone
  • Teeth and potential bite issues

To finish, we’ll take close up photographs of your smile and teeth (so that you can see what we see).

We recommended investing 1.5 hours for the completion of this thorough exam.

After all the data is collected, using the photographs, we will give you an unbiased tour of your mouth and arrive at your individualized risk assessment profile. Ultimately, by understanding the short term and long term prognosis of your teeth, you can make an informed decision and be empowered to prevent more costly treatments in the future.

Our Patient-Focused Process

We offer a range of dental services, always providing you with information and quality care in each avenue. Whether you’re seeking oral surgery options in Vancouver or are curious about cosmetic dentistry, the Marshall Dental Clinic is committed to ensuring you make the best decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding a certain service.

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