New Patients - Your First Appointment

Patient-centered care is the core of our Vancouver dental clinic. Before your first exam, you will meet with your new doctor for an in-depth conversation about any concerns and previous dental issues. Together, we will create a Personal Oral Healthcare Plan that’s perfectly tailored for you.

Your First Appointment

We at The Marshall Clinic, want you to feel at ease from the moment your walk through the door. We are fully committed to our patients and proud to offer you a comfortable, thorough new patient experience.

What can you expect when you arrive for a new patient exam?

Firstly, you will be greeted by our amazing team and given a few minutes to relax in our comfortable setting with ample amenities. With our new patient experience, we will then whisk you away for a conversation in our private consultation room where you can share all current concerns, dental and medical histories with us. We feel that it’s vital for us to take the time to listen to what is important to you. We believe in co-planning treatment with our patients because education is what drives patients to make the most informed decisions for themselves.

But we don’t just stop there! Your in-depth exam will include:

Gentle Hands, Caring Hearts

Caring, supportive and gentle dentistry is what we value most here at The Marshall Clinic. That is why one of our top priorities is to provide patients with a relaxing experience. We focus on using the latest in dentistry techniques and technology to ensure your comfort during the exam. Upon completion of your exam you will be provided with our hot towel service and given time to relax.

Why is an individualized treatment plan so important?

At The Marshall Clinic, every patient is provided with an individualized treatment plan. This is because we believe the time invested in doing a comprehensive exam allows us to give each patient a personalized risk assessment, thoroughly review the findings and based upon current science, create your individualized risk assessment profile. We strongly believe that “no one knows you better than you”, so we will work with you to come up with a personalized oral health care plan, and allow time for questions and reflection, to allow you to make the best-informed decisions. We believe that good healthcare is a partnership between health care provider and patient.

Having seen patients of multiple generations come through our door in the long history of the practice (93 years), we have seen patients learn to control their dental health and lead a more predictable, healthier future with fewer costly interventions.

How long is the new patient exam?

Time is an important aspect in all our lives and for us your time is most valuable. Our 90-minute investment in your dental health is essential to a quality, comfortable experience. Because we value our patients care most we take extra time to make sure it’s not only done right but with the attention and precision only seen in our clinic.

We are always excited to see a new smile walk through our door! We look forward to meeting you.

Our Patient-Focused Process

We offer a range of dental services, always providing you with information and quality care in each avenue. Whether you’re seeking oral surgery options in Vancouver or are curious about cosmetic dentistry, the Marshall Dental Clinic is committed to ensuring you make the best decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding a certain service.