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Canadian Dental Association Update

We recently received the Canadian Dental Association’s [CDA] COVID-19 Situational Report for week ending June 5th, 2020…….worldwide data shows that there is still a lot of places where virus is a growing concern…..we are doing well in BC, AND Ontario and Quebec remain areas of concern….meaning we still need to be careful……LISTEN TO NIGEL, and if you cannot maintain 2m social distance, please wear a mask. [click link for update]

We want to send a shout out to Geoff Coates @geoffcoates who saw that people were not social distancing properly in WestEnd of Vancouver and created this image of Nigel Howard, Dr. Bonnie Henry’s expressive sign language interpreter……we asked to use his image on our website and Geoff asked that we make a donation to Nigel’s favourite charity. Great work Nigel and Geoff….we are all better together with people like you!