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Traffic Advisory! West 7th Avenue

Starting March, 2021 – W 7th Avenue will be extended as a slow street from Alder Street to Fir Street, providing an upgrade to the off-Broadway route.

Additionally we will install temporary diverters for motor vehicles traveling on W 7th avenue. These diverters will run northbound and southbound travel lanes of Fir Street preventing motor vehicles from turning left from all approaches. The upgrade will allow traffic along W 7th Avenue to turn right and traffic along Fir Street to go through or turn right.
Motor vehicles will not be able to travel straight through W 7th Avenue.

Please see the map below:

Slow Streets are routes for walking, cycling, and rolling that make it easier to exercise and access businesses in your local neighbourhood:

  • Motor vehicle access is limited to local traffic only.
  • People walking may pass each other using the roadway.
  • Drive slowly and watch for people on the road.
  • Access for emergency vehicles, and waste/recycling collection is maintained.