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I’m a Patient, Too – “Word of Mouth” Blog

Recently, I have had two separate dental mishaps and spent the remainder of the weekend with anxiety over the loss of a measure of dental health.

While on a bike ride and enjoying my well deserved energy bar overlooking the gorgeous view at Deep Cove, I felt something hard like a stone in my mouth. I thought I had bitten a piece of shell or pit, but much to my surprise, it was my gold filling! I felt a deep pit in the bottom of my stomach because I thought I had broken my tooth and now it was exposed.  As it turns out, it was possible to simply cement the gold filling back in place. Phew!

Another incident occurred again while eating where I inadvertently bumped a spoon into my upper front tooth and I felt a piece of enamel fly outwards.  Horrified, I ran to the mirror and saw that my tooth was slightly chipped but more of it had chipped off the back. The edge felt rough but I left it for some time because I thought it would be okay. Then I recently bit down on a sesame seed in a cookie, and more of the enamel chipped off!  I spent some time in the chair to get a white filling bonded there. Dr. Bruce Marshall did a great job and my tooth looks and feels perfect again but I know it isn’t a “virgin” tooth anymore.

Well what d’ya know!? Things happen to dentists, too!

So, I have been reminded again of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an injection, getting a rubber dam flossed into place and having a drill vibrate over my teeth. I am reminded how easily these mishaps can occur and to anyone. I am reminded how wonderful it felt to have my health restored and that’why I do what I do. I am here to be helpful and am so grateful that all my patients continue to come in to see me and have faith in me. I don’t take that for granted.


Dr Liz Johnson-Lee Vancouver Dentist at Marshall Dental Clinic 


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