Kois Center Implant Course

I recently attended a comprehensive implant course at the world renowned Kois Center in Seattle.

The focus of the course was on fixed and removable implant restorations, we covered all the relevant literature that exists on these subjects…….working from 7am until 6pm each day.  Although I have done a good deal of learning and spent years teaching other dentists about implants, I was humbled by how much I learned.  Dr. Kois is an amazing person and master teacher.  I was privileged to present a case that I had worked on and was pleased that we could create a plan that was simpler and more predictable solution for my patients.

Overall, the experience left me feeling even more confident about the predictable, esthetics success that implants can offer for people who suffer tooth loss.

If you would like to know more about implants come see us at the Marshall Dental Clinic.

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