Client Stories

A core value of the Marshall Clinic is comprehensive, patient-centered care. If you’re seeking out a Vancouver family dentist, let our clients’ stories paint a picture of what to expect from our office.


Glenn E.

Vancouver, BC

“Bruce Marshall and his team are as good as it gets for a caring, professional, and meticulous dental practice. My wife, 2 daughters and I have been going to Bruce since we moved to Vancouver 12 years ago. It has been a great experience.

Starting with Bruce – he has the best patient skills I’ve ever seen in anyone in health care. And as far as I can tell, this is not simply “professional practice” for him – he genuinely cares about his patients, their health, and their lives. He has a prodigious memory – not only about our teeth, but what else is going on in our lives. He is a dental sleuth – he really puzzles over what’s going, looks at wear patterns and other signs of impending dental doom, and tries to engineer preventive solutions before they become problems. When I required a crown, he explained all the options, pros/cons, costs, etc thoroughly, and I was very pleased with the result. And he’s just a good guy – solid, friendly, great sense of humor – it’s always great to see him…

His office staff is top-notch as well. The practice clearly hires for people skills as well as dental skills, but I know that it takes work – the whole office periodically does training sessions and workshops together on communication and creating the right atmosphere for patients (I know because I asked one time). Our hygienist Jill is wonderful – thorough, efficient, and always pleasant. She even laughs at my jokes when I am mumbling them through dental equipment (and yes, I am sure that she is laughing with me, not at me).

Booking is easy – I told the front office staff that I prefer e-mail to phone calls, and that’s how it’s been ever since. They answer right away. And one time I was in the chair and the procedure took longer than I had expected. I mentioned that my parking meter would run out, and someone from the staff got the description of my car and its location (it was parked several blocks away – I forget why I didn’t use the practice’s free parking downstairs, because I’ve never seen it full) – and ran out to add coins to the meter. Full service – and highest recommendation!”


Jean B

Vancouver, BC

“Bruce and his team really do follow their mission statement. You are listened to, respected and whatever issues you bring (for me- a touch of claustrophobia and positional vertigo!), they do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. I never leave without truly feeling cared for. A very rare feeling in the dental world in my experience. Thank you all.”


Hilary S.


“Just a note to say thank you to Bruce, Ting, Jill and of course, Julie and Laurie for all the wonderful times! No, seriously, thank you all for your kindness, skill and patience…I’ll miss that TLC and can only hope I am lucky enough to find someone as skilled in the UK.”


David L.

West Vancouver, BC

“As one who has required 200 hours of treatment over several decades in many dental clinics, I can confirm that the dentists are highly competent and dextrous professionals.
However, the consideration, comfort, communication and especially, personal attention provided by the office of Dr. Bruce Marshall Inc. goes far beyond normal dental care. At Dr. Marshall’s office, we as patients are each made to feel inordinately special- and even more so if we want to just close our eyes and let Dr. Marshall and his colleagues make all the decisions.
Visiting Dr. Marshall’s office is a truly pleasant, rehabilitating and educational experience. Dr. Marshall sets a standard of attention and excellence for his staff and associates that, quite simply, “comes from the heart” and is reflected in their high quality of work.”


Karen P. and Family

Vancouver, BC

“We are happy to recommend to prospective clients Dr. Bruce Marshall and his staff at the Doctors Marshall. We are a family of two adults and two children and have for several years been clients of this extraordinary dentistry practice. Dr. Marshall has overseen all aspects of our care. This has ranged from regular preventative visits for all of us to more specialized care for three of us. As a dentist, Dr. Marshall is exceptionally thorough in his approach, and skilled in his evaluations and procedures. He his gentle, warm, and very good-natured. No scary visits to the dentist in his office!”


Betty D.

Vancouver, BC

“What strikes me most about Dr. Marshall and his staff is their collective dedication and commitment to their client centered approach to dentistry. The skill he brings to his profession is above and beyond the call of duty. Hands down he is the most proficient and skilled dentist I have ever had the pleasure of engaging. I have found Dr. Marshall to be genuinely concerned about addressing concerns specific to me. He and his staff are engaged and empathetic. Without a doubt not only is my dental health paramount, but also my sense of wellbeing. I encourage anyone to visit him and experience the joy and satisfaction of being his client.”


Delores R.

Vancouver, BC

“Being in the dental chair is not my favourite place to be, But Dr. Marshall has made it easy and pain free for me. He puts one at ease right away, every step is explained, and he uses such care and is so gentle with everything he does. And he’s constantly checking to make sure one is comfortable and relaxed. All the work he’s done on my teeth has been top quality. My thanks to Dr. Marshall and his staff for helping me overcome my many fears and reframe how I think about my dental health and daily maintenance. So, if you want pain free dental work and a great smile. I highly recommend you see Dr. Marshall.”


Chris C., PhD

Vancouver, BC

“I have been attending The Marshall Dental Practice for over 25 years, and despite currently working in the U.K., would not miss my annual visit! The care I have received has been consistently exemplary. The doctors and dental hygienists are committed to client-centered and evidence-based practice and they also make dental appointments fun! It has been a privilege to receive such great dental care.”


Bob I.

Vancouver, BC

“My family and I are very happy to have found Bruce and his team. In his practice, he ensures that pain is minimized during treatment without sacrificing effectiveness.
I have been suffering from TMJ over many years and have gone to see specialists without any luck. After seeing Bruce about this, he was able to put me in a treatment program which effectively corrected my TMJ problem.
I have been living in Tokyo, Japan for the last year, but I refuse to have anyone else take care of my mouth and still visit Bruce for cleaning and dental work when I come back to Vancouver quarterly. My oral health is in excellent condition today– all thanks to Bruce and his team.”


John and Frances F.

Vancouver, BC

“We are pleased to provide a recommendation for Bruce Marshall and his team of dental professionals. We have been patients of Bruce’s father and Bruce himself for over forty years. That fact alone speaks to our high regard for Bruce and his staff.
During the regular course of dental care, they have provided kind and intelligent care with the latest techniques and equipment. They have been there for us when we had dental emergencies, even opening the office on holiday weekends when we needed help. We have received outstanding care for over four decades.”


John G.

 Vancouver, BC

“Dr. Bruce Marshall always provides the very best of dental professionalism through his superb attitude, skills and knowledge to create an outstanding dental experience for his clients. It has been an honour and a pleasure to have Dr. Marshall as my dentist ever since he began his practice.”


Mark T.

Vancouver, BC

“I have been a patient of The Doctors at the Marshall Clinic for many years and of Dr. Bruce Marshall and Jill, the hygienist, in particular. It is an exceptional dentistry practice from top to bottom – from the making of the appointment to the end of your visit(s). Most importantly, the quality of the dental care is exceptional. Bruce and his team are very competent, professional, knowledgeable, approachable and punctual. I highly recommend them.”

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