Client Stories

A core value of the Marshall Clinic is comprehensive, patient-centered care. If you’re seeking out a Vancouver family dentist, let our clients’ stories paint a picture of what to expect from our office.


Janet B.

 Vancouver, BC

“In an Eastern variation of “auld lang syne”, Paramahamsa Yogananda wrote: ” I will take only the good from my life experiences, and preserve only the good in my memory.” So tonight, as I was “preserving” the blessings I received in 2015, I placed right near the top of the list the timely repair of my two front teeth! I so appreciate the impeccable skill you have applied to treating all my dental “exigencies”, but moreover, I value the care and compassion you exercise as a human being.”


Jean B

 Vancouver, BC

“I feel totally listened to and cared for when I am at my appointment. Well done all ’round!”


Jim I.

Richmond, BC

“I have been going to the Marshall Clinic for over 50 years and started with Don’s dad and now going to Bruce which is Don’s son. They are the best.”


Suzanne F

Vancouver, BC

“I always feel totally confident in the care I receive at your office. Bruce is so personable and passionate about doing a great job so I just relax and know that I am in good hands. Thank you”


Ev C.

Vancouver, BC
“I have been a patient with the Marshall Clinic for many many years and have always been impressed with the genuine caring and sincerity of the entire staff. They care for their patients and each other as well while maintaining a high quality professionalism.”

Chris C.


“For someone who would describe herself as having an anxiety associated with dentistry, visiting the Marshall Clinic is positively a pleasure. I try not to go anywhere else for my dentistry. Thank you all!”


Miranda D.

Vancouver, BC

“Thanks for a great visit yesterday! All staff and dentists at the Marshall Clinic make dental visits an actual pleasure. I feel entirely confident that they are fully on top of my dental health and genuinely have the best health interests in mind. So if an issue does come up, I can trust them to recommend the best course of action for me.”


Ginny C.

Vancouver, BC

“I am always so pleased with everyone’s efforts to make visiting the dentist as enjoyable as possible. Everyone who works here is very friendly and patient! Thank-you, from all of us, kids and mom alike. “


Patricia S.

Vancouver, BC

“Dr. Bruce Marshall performed my first ever painless freezing. Very importantly, he detected a tooth that was on the verge of needing a root canal and repaired it just in time. Back from the brink!! We will be having an exam to prepare a plan that will prevent any more cavities and preserve my teeth for life!! I cannot express sufficiently how happy I am to have discovered Bruce and his staff, I am already much less stressed about the future of my teeth. Thank you VERY MUCH!!”


Leah S.

Vancouver, BC

“It has to be said that I was at my worst when I met Dr. Marshall. It was a week after a bike accident – one where I crashed into a park car and landed on my mouth, shattering most of my teeth. I lost multiple of my upper ones and fractured nearly all of my bottom ones from what I can remember.
While on a liquid-only diet, I had to hire a dentist to work a miracle and fix my mouth. Dr. Marshall was referred to me by a close friend of mine, who has been going to the Marshall Clinic for years, and he had nothing but great things to say. I was cautious of all dentists because I felt that whenever they saw my mouth, the only thing they saw were dollar signs. But from the start, Dr. Marshall and the entire clinic was great. They were more than willing to cater to all of my odd demands, such as finding a dental team to do the initial work in Prince George, so I could still go tree planting for the summer. And they were able to start the work right away.
Overall, Dr. Marshall worked on my mouth for two and a half years. In that time, he saw me at my worst, but treated me at my best. It was nothing but great care from the entire team at the Marshall Clinic. – Ting, Shirin, Laurie and everyone else! I have recommended his clinic to all of my friends and will continue to do so. They came in on weekends to fix broken teeth, stayed late to hear my concerns, and cater to my mom, who was fronting most of the bill. If he can make my smashed mouth into the once-perfect smile that it once was, he will always have my faith.


Bob B

 Vancouver, BC

“I was particularly impressed with the new technology that enabled removal of an old crown, removal of decay in tooth, creation of the new crown and it’s placement….all in just over two hours!!”


Jonathan M.

Vancouver, BC

“I’m what you would describe as a nervous dental patient but I’m more comfortable and at ease at the Marshall Clinic than any previous dentists! I would almost go so far to say I enjoy visits to the Marshall Clinic…but le’ts not get carried away here :)”

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