Client Stories

A core value of the Marshall Clinic is comprehensive, patient-centered care. If you’re seeking out a Vancouver family dentist, let our clients’ stories paint a picture of what to expect from our office.


Debbie Erickson

Delta, BC

“thank you to teh team and Bruce for taking such good care of me through the recent root canal experience!”


Yvette G.

Richmond, BC

“The best available care. As I always I have the utmost respect for such a caring and innovative practice. Thank you Jill, Laurie, Shirin and Bruce!! Yvette Junior”


Sandra Z.

Vancouver, BC

“I have nothing but the highest regard for Dr. Marshall’s professionalism and expertise. Always punctual and ready to address any concerns. On more than one occasion, I requested an appointment short notice and the staff was extremely helpful and did everything they could to accommodate me. So far, I have done 5 crowns and the quality of the work is outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall.”


Tracey M.

Port Coquitlam, BC

“I have always had a wonderful experience coming to the Marshall Clinic. Prior to coming to the clinic I had a few bad experiences. I’m happy to say that today after all the support, patience and experience from the Marshall Clinic I have always had very positive experiences and would highly recommend the Marshall Clinic!”


Jean E.

West Vancouver, BC

“The Marshall team are all so warm, friendly, and professional. Each and every one of you contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I am thankful to be so fortunate to have such a competent dental team looking after my dental needs and my family’s. You are the best! Thank you.”


Jim I.

Richmond, BC

“Best dental firm locally. Would recommend to friends and relatives taking new patients.”


Karen P

Vancouver, BC

“As far as I’m concerned, there is no other dental clinic in Vancouver that could come anywhere close to matching the Marshall Clinic. Thank you for everything you do for our family!”



Vancouver, BC

“Jayne was great. I really appreciate how she described what she was doing throughout the cleaning and examination, and what some of the tools did. She made me feel comfortable and at ease by explaining what was going on. (I appreciate that SO much!) Many times I’ve felt anxious at a dental office because I never knew what is going on and what the hygienists or dentists are checking/measuring. Additionally I feel that I can take better care of my oral hygiene when I know what they are looking for. She was also really knowledgeable about all the questions I asked. I felt comfortable in her chair/corner suite! Thanks so much!”


Tim N.

Surrey, BC

“The level of service and courtesy is, and has always been through the many years I have been a patient of your office, of the highest quality. It is a pleasure to see you all. “


Hilary C.

North Vancouver, BC

“I always know that the level of care is of the highest standard and I appreciate that and being told what is going on. Thank you.”


Sarah T.

Vancouver, BC

“Thank you for such a great appointment that I was nervous about beforehand. My teeth feel great and I love my new electric toothbrush. “


Bruce T.

Vancouver, BC

“A few decades ago, my mouth was always uncomfortable, and the treatments were painful and expensive and not entirely effective. I expected my dental health to get worse with age. But then I went to Don Marshall, Bruce’s father. The change was immediate and amazing. Don and Bruce fixed most of my problems with simple treatments like bite adjustments. Even when major work was needed, it was usually surprisingly painless. My mouth now feels much healthier than it did when I was young. Much of the difference is due to excellent cleaning by the dental hygienists and to clear communication by the entire staff, so I am able to take better care of my teeth. I would encourage you all to get involved in teaching, so the next generation of of dentists and assistants will be more like you.”


Marcie A.

Vancouver, BC

“Excellent care, staff. Dentists are exceptional. I always feel welcome and comfortable. I know I am being cared for from the best practice.”

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