Client Stories

A core value of the Marshall Clinic is comprehensive, patient-centered care. If you’re seeking out a Vancouver family dentist, let our clients’ stories paint a picture of what to expect from our office.


Theresa S.

 Vancouver, BC

“Your group makes an unpleasant experience tolerable! Thanks.”


G. Maume

Vancouver, BC

“Dear Laurie and Shirin,

I just want to thank you for the very warm and confident welcome. You are great and it was so helpful to find you. i will let all my contacts know (especially the German team of my husband) that everybody of you know their jobs and is very competent, friendly and the the best clinic i have seen

Please say also THANKS to Doctor Payam Matin for taking his time to talk about our concern”


Gord P.

Sechelt, BC

“Essentially, I want to say thank you. I have had many opportunities to dissect the concept of trust. I know very well my relationship with trust and I feel very judicious with sharing a high degree of my trust. Thank you for being so trustworthy. To me, you are much more than a man trusted to use power tools in my face. There is a quality about you that is difficult to describe – perhaps it is an underlying principled ethic, or some such thing. Whatever it is, I believe it’s what I’m truly thanking you for here. My experiences at your clinic are very positive. You clearly have a talent for hiring and retaining awesome staff as well.


Janet B

Vancouver, BC

“I just had to pass on another compliment re: your restorations on my teeth. Both the hygienist and Dr. McKenzie at Whistler Dental Clinic raved about my restorations. The doc said it was a dying art, he’d never seen better and must have used the word “beautiful” about 15 times as he re-glued a crown. I feel very fortunate indeed. You are not only an excellent dentist, but from our recent exchanges re: your nephew, I’d say you’re a beautiful person, too!”


Shannon M.

Tsawwassen, BC

“It is always a pleasure to come here! Never have I felt uncomfortable or dreaded my appointment at the dentist. I believe this is a rare thing and that your office and practice is very special Always such care, kindness and sense of humour. Much appreciated. So happy with all the work done and the results. I promise to floss daily from now on! haha. Thank you Jayne and Bruce”


Tina C. & Lee M.

Vancouver, BC

“My husband and I have been coming to the Marshall Clinic for over a year. We always appreciate the full service and friendly faces. We’ve also always loved the thorough exams done by Dr. Bruce.”


Kailey M.

Vancouver, BC

“I had my wisdom teeth taken out and had a very positive experience with Dr. Payam Matin! I was very nervous at first but the procedure went very well. The staff helped me understand the procedure before hand and were so helpful during and after the procedure. With their professionalism and great advice I was back to normal in no time! Feeling great just 1 week later! Thank you for the excellent work!”


Alison R.

North Van, BC

“I have extremely sensitive teeth. I came to Dr. Bruce as a nervous patient after having a terrible experience elsewhere. He worked so hard to make sure I was comfortable before he did anything. I have travelled 3 hours to come to his clinic when I lived in Pemberton because he is the best dentist….ever!”


Eleanor K.

Victoria, B.C.

“Unfortunately, I have to leave the Marshall Clinic because I’ve moved to Victoria, but before I go want to tell others about the amazing service I’ve received from Dr. Don, Dr, Bruce, Dr. Liz and hygienist, Jill. When I came to this practice I’d suffered from lifelong dental problems and though conscientious about maintaining my teeth, had encountered mostly non-communicative and unsympathetic dentists, who seemed to view my mouth as a big problem that they’d rather not deal with and also not talk about. Dr. Don was different! He acknowledged my concerns and we set up a plan that both he and I agreed to. From then on things were much more positive for me and gradually many of the problems were addressed and I was left mostly in the great hands of hygienist, Jill. I highly recommend the Marshall Clinic, especially to those with serious problems and those discouraged by previous dentists.”


Brenda R

Vancouver, BC

“I first starting seeing Dr. Marshall about ten years ago at the recommendation of a colleague. I had problems with grinding my teeth, and he made me my first night guard.

Ten years later, I moved far from Vancouver, and I needed a new night guard: I wasn’t able to find one as good as my old one, and so I come back to visit Vancouver, and this includes a visit to Dr. Marshall to try to get a new one made! He’s super patient, he listens, and he understands what need to be done to make it work!

I recommend him wholeheartedly!”


Stella T.

Vancouver, BC

“I have been a client since my high school days and must admit that I have never had a fearful experience visiting a dentist because of Dr. Marshall and his team.

From the very first visit, the approach has always been to ensure that I understood the connection between healthy teeth and overall well being. My needs as a patient have always been met with compassion and understanding and the true sign of a great organization is when everyone has a genuine smile for you as soon as you enter the office.
When my daughter turned 2, we took her for her first ever visit dental visit and the short session was informative, smooth and yes, fun. I am so happy that my daughter can have a positive approach to her teeth and the care that is needed.

Thank you, Marshall Clinic!”


Ronald J.

 Vancouver, BC

“Dr Bruce Marshall Clinic. I have been a patient for many years and highly recommend Dr Bruce and team! All are professional, friendly and they keep you informed as to what to expect during a root canal, extraction, tooth capping or transplants all of which I have successfully had with very little discomfort or pain! If you are looking for a dental experience that is progressive and preventive , check them out!!!”

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