Client Stories

A core value of the Marshall Clinic is comprehensive, patient-centered care. If you’re seeking out a Vancouver family dentist, let our clients’ stories paint a picture of what to expect from our office.


Joan B.

Vancouver, BC

“Bob and I know we can rely-as we have for decades now- on being treated with consideration, courtesy always, and friendliness, by all the staff–as well as having all our dental care needs attended to skillfully, knowledgeably, and with thoroughness. We appreciate the straightforward information about anticipated costs. Laurie and Shirin are exemplars of helpfulness and efficiency at the front desk and others who have helped there have also been good. Of course, Bruce is the reason we would never think of changing to another dental care provider, and he sets the tone for the whole office. And through having my teeth cleaned is not something I anticipate with joy, I always feel very comfortable and relaxed with Jill and enjoy her friendly manner. After knowing her for so many years, I always look forward to seeing her. When she was away this week and I was treated by Karyn, I was completely satisfied, felt she was proficient and knowledgeable, and with helpful tips and the friendliness I always look forward to tat the Marshall Clinic. I would be happy to have her anytime Jill is away.”


Shannon H.

Victoria, BC

“Always a very pleasant experience!”


Ron J.

Vancouver, BC

“My second and very successful consecutive appointment since I started using a electric toothbrush! No serious problems found and as usual the staff treated me like royalty!”


Tracey M.

North Vancouver, BC

“Just wanted to send a quick email to say THANK YOU to the most wonderful dentist and friend EVER!!! I had the best frame of mind when I went in today because of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had and, if you can believe it, almost fell asleep in the chair of a root canal!

The freezing has worn off and no pain, which I had all the confidence there wouldn’t be. Thank you Bruce to you and your wonderful, helpful, and friendly staff for always being so patient with me :)”


Ute B.

Vancouver, BC

“I was looking for a good dentist in Vancouver after many frustrating experiences with my former dentist in Germany. I found the Marshall Clinic on the internet and all the positive reviews. What convinced me to make an appointment was the way patients described the treatments, the atmosphere and the attitude towards the patients. So was my experience. Everything was explained in detail. The treatment was gentle and I always had the feeling I’m in control. Matthew explains everything very detailed and patiently. The assistants are very friendly and calm, so helpful when you are shivering with fear. And also the front counter staff Laurie and Shirin are very friendly and helpful. I’m glad I gave it a try to change my picture of dentists I had.”


Marie B.

Vancouver, BC

“I receive the highest standard of care at this clinic and could not possibly think of any way in which the care could be improved. “


Robin A.

Vancouver, BC

“To Bruce and the whole Dental Clinic… I am an especially lucky person to be taken care of by you all. Your office has a very relaxed but efficient atmosphere, and I do appreciate the quality of friendly care. (and your patience with me!)”


Darcy V.

 Vancouver, BC

“Very happy with the thorough process that Dr. Marshall took to get to know me as a patient, and his practice of explaining he was doing, and the thought process involved in diagnosing my symptoms.”


Paul Q.

 Vancouver, BC

“I’m a big fan but not just because I like Bruce. You guys are amazing at the service aspect of the profession and I actually enjoy the visit which is an exception.”


Karen D.

Vancouver, BC

“Always feel that we get the best there is to offer in the dental field, whether it is hygiene or dental work. Am so glad I am a a patient there!!”


Patricia E.

Vancouver, BC

“Absolutely outstanding! I offer my highest praise to Dr. Marshall, Jill, Laurie and Shirin for their impeccable skill and service!”


Anne T.K

Vancouver, BC

“I have a very low threshold for pain so I can honestly say that my root canal I had done on my last visit was completely pain free and Bruce was extremely attentive about making sure I was not suffering at anytime during an approx 2 hour session.”

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