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Thank You!

As most of you are now aware, Bruce welcomed me into the Marshall Clinic as a partner at the beginning of 2018. After 1.5 years of working together and a thorough introspective exploration into our core values, we both knew that it was the right decision.

Since the announcement, I have received countless blessings and wonderful welcomes to the practice. It gives me tremendous joy when I introduce myself to patients and I am in turn greeted by patients who welcome me into their practice. It speaks to the enormous sense of pride our patients have of being a part of the Marshall dental family. Some of you reading this have been under the care of the Marshalls for more than 50 years! It gives me pleasure and courage to continue in their heavy footsteps. Bruce has been my utmost cheerleader from day one and on his recommendation, the majority of you have placed your trust in me, a stranger, to share the responsibility of your dental care. And for that, I thank you

I chose this profession because dentistry allows me to combine art and science – to heal and to express creativity with my hands. It gives me a chance to get people out of pain and help them communicate with their smiles. It gives me a chance to connect with individuals and to form lifelong relationships. I chose the Marshall Clinic because it is an extension of who I am and guides me toward becoming the dentist I want to be.

On my first day at the Marshall Clinic, Bruce ingrained in me one of his favorite quotes:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Teddy Roosevelt

Great dentists are not only defined by exceptional clinical skills but also their ability to empathize. Only after you connect with patients on a human level can you really find out what they need your help with. At the end of the day, a great dentist is first and foremost a good person and a friend. He/she just happens to also want to take care of your oral health.

My journey so far as a dentist has been nothing short of memorable and an ever-accelerating learning curve. With another 30 years on the horizon, in a profession doing what I love every day, with a team that I will grow personally and professionally with, with Bruce as my clinical partner and mentor, I am incredibly lucky to be where I am today and there is nowhere else that I would rather be.


Matthew Choi

Matthew grew up in Richmond and graduated with his undergraduate Biochemistry and Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from UBC in 2013. He practiced in Cranbrook, BC in the Kootenay Rockies before making his way back to the big city.