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Testimonial From Longtime Patient, Dr. Bruce Tiberiis

While our team at the Marshall Clinic loves hearing from our patients, once in a while we receive a really impactful testimonial. Most recently, one of our longtime patients, Dr. Bruce Tiberiis, took the time to write some meaningful comments. Before retiring, Dr. Tiberiis used to teach medical biochemistry in the UBC Medical and Dental programs.

“A few decades ago, my mouth was always uncomfortable, and the treatments were painful and expensive and not entirely effective. I expected my dental health to get worse with age. But then I went to Don Marshall, Bruce’s father. The change was immediate and amazing. Don and Bruce fixed most of my problems with simple treatments like bite adjustments. Even when major work was needed, it was usually surprisingly painless. My mouth now feels much healthier than it did when I was young. Much of the difference is due to excellent cleaning by the dental hygienists and to clear communication by the entire staff, so I am able to take better care of my teeth. I would encourage you all to get involved in teaching, so the next generation of dentists and assistants will be more like you.”

Thanks Dr. Tiberiis – it’s been a pleasure to have you as a patient for many years!

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