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Recycle Tips from the Marshall Clinic

Here at the Marshall Clinic, we are blessed with a 180° view from South Burrard to our spectacular North Shore Mountains. We love having nature just outside our door and we want to keep it as pristine as we can. We are conscientious about recycling and minimizing our footprint. In addition to all of the papers and plastics the city takes care of, we make sure to collect things such as lightbulbs and batteries and dispose of them properly.

The Recycling Council of BC is a great resource to find what and where to keep things out of the landfill. On the website, you can find the 11 London Drugs locations that take items such as halogen lightbulbs and batteries. Regional Recycling depots also accept most items. Before chucking it, stop and check with them to see if they take it. Let’s keep Mother Nature gorgeous and green!


This post was written by Lynn P., Certified Dental Assistant at the Marshall Clinic.

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