October Dental Case of the Month

This past October, one of our patients was concerned with the breakdown of his front teeth. Slowly over time, he had been chipping his upper and lower front teeth due to the very tight bite at the front of his mouth. As a result, there was always friction between his front teeth.

Options for corrections were discussed. However, the patient decided to not pursue orthodontics or gum surgery. Instead, he preferred to correct the bite problem by replacing his failing lower incisors with a fixed bridge, followed by restoring his broken upper front teeth with ceramic crowns.

Our team at The Marshall Dental Clinic planned out this case carefully using models of his teeth on an articulator. This mechanical device allows us to make sure that there would not be damaging friction between the front teeth. More technically, the device “stimulates movements of the temporomandibular joints or mandible.”

Below is a photo sequence of the patient’s initial condition, followed by the steps taken by The Marshall Dental Clinic to ensure a new and improved smile.

If you have questions or concerns about the breakdown and wear of teeth, schedule an appointment with The Marshall Dental Clinic today. Our team specializes in helping you learn more about your oral health, while developing comprehensive plans to keep your teeth in the best possible health and comfort. Your smile is important to us!

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