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Giving back to the community

Giving back………

Dr. Matthew Choi and Dr. Bruce Marshall of the Marshall Clinic recently provided free professional custom-made mouth guards to Richmond-Vancouver U18 Field Lacrosse team.

Players were invited to our clinic where our team took impressions of their upper teeth.  The impressions were poured up with dental stone and allowed to set.  After being trimmed carefully, each player’s cast was placed in the special vacuform machine and a 3mm thick mouthguard material was heated and formed over the cast with 80 lbs pressure.  Finally, the fabrication process is completed by carefully trimming and polishing each mouthguard.

This process ensures a perfect fit…….often young athletes don’t wear their mouthguards because the store-bought boil and bite ones do not fit well, thus aren’t stable and get in the way while playing.  Mouth guards are very important in helping prevent injuries to teeth and concussions.

Dr. Matthew Choi and Dr. Bruce Marshall delivered the mouth guards to the team at recent practice.

Do you or a loved one play contact sports and wants to protect their teeth? Let us know and we would be happy to explore what type of mouthguard would be best for you.