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Crowns in One Appointment with CEREC


The Marshall Dental Clinic in Vancouver offers CEREC.  Our dentists provide patients with inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers in only one appointment.  No more waiting and coming back to the dentist for a second visit.

In just one visit we can make your teeth beautiful and stronger with this revolutionary new way of restoring teeth.

How does it work? A digital scan is taken of your teeth and then a virtual colour model is created.  If you need a restoration, the tooth is prepared and another scan taken of the prepared tooth.  Then using sophisticated software, a new restoration is designed and modified on the screen.  Once your dentist has completed the design, they press a button to send the design to our milling unit which then creates the restoration out of a solid block of material. Then the restoration is tried in and final polishing performed.  Completion of the process is the bonding in or the new restoration.

This scanning system can also be used for the digital impressions required for Invisalign orthodontics, and wellness scans.  We can scan a person’s whole mouth at their initial examination and keep a perfect digital copy in their records.  This has many benefits in having a baseline for tracking future changes in your teeth by taking future scans and superimposing the images overtop of one another and being able to see if there is wear on your teeth, the gums are changing, etc.  The baseline scan/virtual models are also helpful in repairing your teeth if you have an accident or pathology.

No more trips to the lab, wearing provisionals/temporary restorations (that can come loose) or 2nd appointments (need for additional anesthetic).

All CEREC crowns are metal free and made of a high grade ceramic material. The materials are very strong and as durable as gold.

To book your appointment with Dr. Bruce Marshall or Dr. Matthew Choi and discuss “CEREC” one appointment crown option, book your appointment online or call 604-733-9311.

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