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Bioclear Hands-on Training

At the Marshall Clinic – we are always keeping up with the newest advances and procedures in dental care by lectures on new treatment methods and hands on learning at facilities like the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington.   

In mid September of 2018, Matthew attended hands-on training to learn about the Bioclear method.

Bioclear matrices, like a mold for filling/restorations, are designed specifically to replicate the curved transition between the root and the crown of a tooth. This provides us with one more tool under our belts to be able to create restorations that mimic the natural contour of a tooth.

Traditional flat matrix vs Bioclear matrix

With the use of Bioclear matrices, we are proud to be able to offer services such as:

1) Diastema closures

  • To close spaces between teeth that might be of aesthetic concern.
  • Spaces between teeth can also lead to food trap, which over time can affect the health of your gums and increase the risk for cavities.

2) Black triangle closures

  • Black triangles appear due to receding gums between teeth, which is a result of the loss of bone support underneath
  • Typically more pronounced on teeth with wide tops and narrow roots
  • Prolonged food / plaque trap due to these black triangle spaces can affect the health of your gums and increase the risk for cavities.

3) Restoring peg lateral incisors

  • Sometimes lateral incisors form naturally smaller than normal. With the help of orthodontics/braces, we can recreate the proper spacing and restore the tooth to the ideal size.
  • The Bioclear matrices make it simple to replicate the curved contour of a natural tooth emerging from under the gums

About Bioclear

Bioclear was founded in 2007 by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark with the vision of creating a new system of products for a modern approach for restorative dentistry.  Dr. David Clark founded the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry and lectured for years about the problems he was able to see using high magnification.

Bioclear Matrix offers the latest, most progressive products and techniques evolving from the traditional preparations and matrixing systems for anterior and posterior composites. Dr. David Clark has changed the course of dental restorations by bringing new dimension to aesthetics and function through cutting edge procedural advances.  Bioclear Matrix is a metamorphose in the dental industry offering more affordable options with superior results. It is our mission to provide dentists with the tools and equipment to allow for longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites.

If you’d like to know more about Bioclear feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment .

Matthew Choi

Matthew grew up in Richmond and graduated with his undergraduate Biochemistry and Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from UBC in 2013. He practiced in Cranbrook, BC in the Kootenay Rockies before making his way back to the big city.